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    für meinen nach einer VERVIELFACHUNG höchstgewichtesten Depot-wert und TOPFAVORITEN NES gilt:

    Newstrike Capital Inc.

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    Newstrike Capital Inc. is a gold-silver exploration company focused on targeting known and historic mining districts in Mexico. The company holds 100% interest in exploration properties located within the established mining districts of the Guerrero Gold Belt and Oaxaca State. Current management and directors were the originators of both Goldcorp's and Teck's significant discoveries in the Guerrero Gold Belt in Guerrero State. Newstrike's projects in the area are currently in advanced stages of exploration and production

    Market Cap: 248 MIO CAD


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    Expert Analysis

    Lawrence Roulston, Resource Opportunities (8/26/11) "Newstrike Capital Inc. continues to generate highly favorable drill results from the ongoing drill program at its wholly owned Ana Paula project in the Guerrero gold belt of Mexico. The highlight from recent results was hole AP-11-52, which intersected 120m of 4.6 g/t gold. The recent results are from holes that tested a variety of targets. Favorable results are now being further evaluated with infill and step-out drilling. The company has a dominant land position in a highly productive gold trend that includes several large-scale producing mines. . .the share price is up fivefold this year on the basis of the strong drill results. There is still enormous potential, as the drilling continues to outline a number of substantial gold zones at Ana Paula. The company also has considerable exploration potential on numerous other targets on the extensive property position."

    Morning Coffee (8/15/11) "Just over a week ago, when the broader markets were tanking, Newstrike Capital Inc. released another set of impressive results from its 100%-owned Ana Paula project. . .the highlight hole was AP-11-52 which intersected a 120m interval of 4.6 g/t Au, including intervals of 50m of 8.89 g/t Au, 16m of 20.3 g/t Au and two more intervals of 25.76 m 1.78 g/t Au and 20.50m 1.94 g/t Au. . .the results demonstrate the upside for new discovery as drilling continues to systematically explore the robust mineralized system that underlies the Ana Paula project area."

    Brian Christie, Desjardins Securities (8/10/11) "Newstrike Capital Inc. announced the most recent drill results of its 2011 program at the Ana Paula project in the Guerrero Gold Belt. . .The best results include: 120m of 4.60 g/t (including 50m of 8.89 g/t); 108.00m of 0.81 g/t; 155.78m of 0.43 g/t; 27.5m of 0.83 g/t gold and 42.4g/t silver (including 3.04m of 3.12 g/t gold and 219.4 g/t silver). The above results confirmed the strength and continuity of the high-grade mineralized breccia body. . .The new zones that were intersected by the new drilling are being evaluated for further step-out and infill drilling."

    Morning Coffee (7/13/11) "More breccia? Shares of Newstrike Capital surged during Tuesday's midday trading, on no apparent news. . .last week, Canaccord Genuity Senior Mining Analyst Wendell Zerb highlighted that Newstrike holds 88,950 hectares of mineral claims covering the main trend of the Guerrero gold belt in Guerrero State, Mexico, making it among the largest claimholders in the area. The company's primary focus is the Ana Paula project, north of and along trend of Torex Gold's Morelos project (which includes the El Limon deposit) and Goldcorp's Los Filos mine; drilling is ongoing at Ana Paula with recent results indicating that high-grade mineralization is associated with a north-trending, west-dipping breccia that may have formed along a fault zone. . .hole AP-10-19 first located the breccia in January 2011, intercepting 214.0m of 3.00 g/t Au, including 0.5m of 439 g/t Au, and subsequent recent drilling has been focused on defining the dimensions of the breccia unit, which continues to return wide high-grade intercepts."

    Kwong-Mun Achong Low, Northern Securities (6/28/11) "Newstrike Capital shows good continuity at Ana Paula. . .one drill hole of note is AP-11-48, which returned 4.7 g/t gold over 116m and ended in mineralization. . . the company states that these series of drill holes have helped it to better understand the geometry of the breccia and its mineralized envelope, which we believe will help the company to follow the new targets to the northwest and southwest more closely."


    Ich stehe selbstverständlich in keinem geschäftlichen Verhältnis mit NES, wie auch mit keiner der von mir auf besprochenen Minenaktien!
    Als privater Investor halte ich allerdings bedeutende Anteile der von mir hier erwähnten Minenaktien!

    Analysen führender kanadischer Minenanalysten:

    Expert Analysis

    Andrew Mikitchook, GMP Securities (8/31/11) "On Tuesday, Gold Canyon Resources Inc. hosted a site visit for analysts at its 100%-owned Springpole Gold project that is the site of a 10,000–12,000m summer drill program targeting the Portage zone; the drilling is being conducted to better define the extents of the deposit, as well as to complete sufficient infill drilling to release a resource before year-end 2011. Based on the site visit, the overall progress was impressive and exceeded our expectations."

    Morning Coffee (8/23/11) "Shares of Gold Canyon Resources Inc. have been outperforming its peers of late, and it may be partially due to some insider buying: One of Canada's most well-known mining investors has purchased just shy of 200,000 shares of the company since August 3 and over 382,000 shares since July 6. Also helping the stock is impressive drill results: Earlier in August, Gold Canyon announced that hole SP11-066 intersected 24m at 17.48 g/t gold (79 ft. at 0.510 oz. per ton gold) including 6m at 52.60 g/t gold at its 100%-controlled Springpole Gold Project, located 110 km. northeast of the Red Lake Mining Camp, Ontario, Canada."

    The Gold Report Interview with James West (8/3/11) "Gold Canyon Resources Inc. has been a Midas Letter favorite for the last year." More >

    Jeff Killeen, CIBC World Markets (7/24/11) "Gold Canyon Resources Inc. represents a good investment opportunity in a growing gold resource that is situated within a stable mining region with a long history of mine development. . .we are initiating coverage of the company with a Sector Performer rating and $3.50 price target. We believe the market may be underestimating the amount of ounces that will be defined at Springpole. Release of continued positive drilling results from the summer drilling program and production of a revised resource estimate will add the investor interest we believe is warranted for Gold Canyon."

    The Gold Report Interview with Mike Starogiannis (6/6/11) "Gold Canyon Resources is one of our top picks in the exploration space. Its flagship asset is the Springpole Gold project, an alkaline gold deposit about 100 km. from Red Lake. The company's had quite a bit of success over the past 18 months delineating a zone of mineralization that's about 1,300 meters long, at an average of 75m wide by 300m–350m deep. The grade is particularly interesting. For a bulk deposit, the grade seems to be averaging 1.3–1.4 grams per ton (g/t). If you compare that to some of Canada's better-known bulk mineable deposits. . .the Springpole zone appears to have 30%–40% higher grades. . .Based on our in-house estimates, we think there's the potential to demonstrate 5–6 Moz. at Springpole. . .However, grade is a very telling factor in the potential economics of any deposit. There is also still some significant depth and strike potential.

    . . .Gold Canyon put out its final few holes from the winter program on May 31, with some good infill results. The company showed grades and widths very consistent with our 5–6 Moz. estimate. There will be a bit of a news hiatus as we await results from its deep-drilling program, which is designed to show some depth potential. Gold Canyon won't start its summer program until mid-June. We wouldn't expect to see new step-out or infill drilling until early to mid-July." More >

    Corporate Fact Sheet (5/12/11)

    GCU hat eine aktuelle Market-Cap von
    306 MIO CAD!

    GCU wird von zahlreichen renommierten Analysten ge-covered

    Ich stehe selbstverständlich in keinem geschäftlichen Verhältnis mit GCU, wie auch mit keiner der von mir auf besprochenen Minenaktien!
    Als privater Investor halte ich allerdings bedeutende Anteile der von mir hier erwähnten Minenaktien!

    Gold Canyon Resources (gcu-v) has
    pulled in more stellar drill results at its
    Springpole gold project, situated 110 km
    northeast of northwestern Ontario’s
    Red Lake gold camp. And this time they
    come from a less-heralded part of the

    While Springpole has grabbed much
    attention for the intercepts encountered
    in the Portage zone, the latest results
    were highlighted by two holes that were
    both drilled along the southwest margin
    of what is known as the East Extension

    The better of the two returned 24 metres
    grading 17.48 grams gold per tonne,
    including 6 metres grading 52.60 grams
    gold. The other hole returned 39 metres
    grading 2.93 grams gold, including 1
    metre at 39.73 grams gold.
    Both holes were collared at the same
    spot, but drilled at different degrees and
    directions to test whether historical
    drilling was accurate.
    Gold Canyon says the two holes not
    only confirm the historic results but improved
    upon the older holes by showing
    better continuity.

    “Although East Extension is a smaller
    target than the Portage zone, it could
    potentially make a good starter pit,” said
    Quinton Hennigh, a technical advisor
    and director of Gold Canyon.
    Also bullish for the company is that,
    when combined with the corridor of
    near-surface mineralization discovered
    in drilling between the Portage Zone and
    East Extension last summer, the two deposits
    may ultimately be connected.
    The company also announced that
    recent holes drilled at Portage have led
    the company to believe that the zone
    dips moderately to steeply northeast as
    opposed to southwest, as previously believed.

    On a less positive front, the company
    said its drilling campaign had been hampered
    by the forest fires that raged in
    mid-summer in northwestern Ontario,
    which greatly reduced available helicopters
    needed to lift drills on and off barges.
    Gold Canyon shares traded for $2.72 at
    presstime and have fluctuated between
    38¢ and $4.22 over the last 52 weeks.

    ^^ da muss ich lachen...

    ich habe mit GORO auch einen vervielfacher hingegelgt... belegt durch einen screenshot, der für jeden einsehbar ist!

    allerdings ist das bild in diesem jahr verheerend, weshlab ich längst raus bin!

    lest euch doch mal den Barrons - artikel druch!

    die brüder sind mmn längst fällig für eine ablösung... ^^ die villa, in der sie residieren zahlt übrigens GORO.. das ist doch der firmensitz!

    momentan gibt es bessere invests, wie meine absoluten topfavoriten NES & GCU

    der kursverlauf spricht bände!

    die brüder residieren in ihrer villa in kalifornien, die natürlich von der firma bezahlt wird!

    ...produktionsziel kann nicht gehalten werden, aufgrund eines ominösen sturms....amüsant!

    und anstatt endlich eine NI-43 ressource zu veröffentlichen, wird permanent cash in form von dividenden ausgeschüttet, anstatt konsequent zu exploren... letzteres hängt wohl damit zusammen, dass die brüder selbst großaktionäre sind!

    da braucht wohl jemand geld für seinen extravangenten lebensstil.. ;)

    überflüssig zu sagen, dass wir seit einiger zeit raus sind, wie rechtzeitig anderswo gepostet!

    so langsam beginnt die rallye.... die minenaktien beginnen ihre aufholjagd ggü. dem goldpreis... und es sind interessanterweise zunächst die mittelgroßen produzenten, die am stärksten steigen.

    folgende werte haben in den letzten tagen ein neues 52 wochen hoch markiert:

    NGD New Gold
    AR Argonaut

    wirklich stark performt haben in letzter Zeit folgende Produzenten, die aus meiner Sicht mal einen Blick wert sind:

    YRI Yamana
    MFL Minefinders
    NGD New Gold
    BTO B2Gold

    außerdem auf diese Liste gehören:


    Südafrika ist für Goldminenaktien nicht mehr TOP... viel interessanter sind in Toronto notierte Werte, die in Nordamerika, Mexico, stabilen Ländern Südamerikas oder auch Westafrika (v.a. Ghana, Mali, Burkina Faso) tätig sind!

    besonders interessant finde ich Ecuador, Bolivien und Kolumbien. Hier besteht großes Potential, aber auch große Unsicherheit für Investoren.

    Gerade Kolumbien hat jedoch in letzter Zeit einen Boom erlebt... Ventana, Galway sind Musterbeispiele... Greystar hingegen ein Schock.. allerdings auch teilweise Missmanagement.

    CNL und BAT bspw. auch mit starken Bohrergebnissen.

    hier eine MidasLetter-Sonderausgabe zu Kolumbien als kleines Bonbon:


    Geologix Explorations Inc. (TSX: GIX) is a mineral exploration company focused on acquiring, exploring and developing mineral resource opportunities with the potential to host world class mineral deposits. The Company's primary focus is the Tepal Gold-Copper Porphyry Project in Michoacán State, Mexico, where the Company has completed a Preliminary Economic Assessment study ("PEA") and initiated resource expansion drill programs to further test the project's potential.

    Through the Company's successful exploration and drilling programs of 2010, in March of 2011 Geologix announced an updated resource estimate increasing the project's Indicated tonnes by 131%, and the Inferred tonnes by 69%. In April of 2011 the new resource numbers were applied to a revised Preliminary Assessment which reports a mine plan with increased gold and copper production, an extended mine life, and increased estimated net positive earnings. Meanwhile, further programs of resource expansion drilling and target delineation are ongoing and preparations are underway for the commencement of a pre-feasibility program in the spring of 2011.

    Highlights aus aktueller Präsentation (August):

    - Seite 14: Vergösserung der Anlage auf 35000tpd führt zu einer durchschnitllichen Produktion von ca 200000 Unzen Gold EQ p.a. gegenüber 134000 Unzen Gold - Äquivalent pro Jahr im PEA-Senario
    - Seite 15: Der NPV (5%) steigt bei einem Goldpreis von 1650$ auf unglaubliche 1,34 Mrd$ oder 9,21$ je Aktie!