First Majestic Silver Corp./ FR,AG (TSX,NYSE)

  • Monday, September 20, 2004.

    First Majestic is a small cap junior focused on silver, offering investors exposure both to existing production capacity, and blue sky exploration potential. With a targeted acquisition strategy aimed at controlling properties with the capacity for rapid development, the company has the objective to become a mid-tier silver producer. Operating in prolific silver belts in Central Mexico, First Majestic is well positioned to generate superior cash flow that will enable the company to aggressively explore their properties, and fund any additional acquisition opportunities that become available. I believe that the precious metals sector is only just beginning what will become a multi-year secular bull market, and that silver will outperform gold during the early phases. Investors who own quality juniors leveraged to silver production will benefit in a bull market climate as the market awards a higher premium on cash flow and increased asset values of the contained resources in their property holdings. I own shares of FR. – Mike Kachanovsky

    The universe of primary silver producing companies is very small and often overlooked by the investment community. In recent years the above ground world inventories of silver bullion have been drawn down due to a supply imbalance unable to keep pace with increasing global demand. As most of the silver production comes as a by-product from operations targeting other metals, it is unlikely that supply will be rapidly increased to meet the growing demand for silver. Commodities analysts have been predicting a rise in the pricing of silver for many years, and many of the smaller silver producing companies have been forced out of business due to the low current prices. This situation has created an opportunity for newly capitalized junior mining companies to cheaply acquire silver properties and mines on what may be the eve of a period of rapidly rising silver prices.

    First Majestic Resources Corporation has been around for many years going back to the late 1970s when it originally obtained a public exchange listing and began operations as a resource exploration company. The company experienced a number of changes of operations through its history, culminating in 2003 when they entered into an agreement to acquire an 80% interest in the Niko silver property in Mexico and the company changed course from a focus on exploration of mineral properties, towards becoming a silver producer, with the acquisition in January 2004 of the La Parrilla Silver Sine in Durango, Mexico, for a total consideration of $3 million USD in staged payments. Shortly thereafter First Majestic announced another acquisition, purchasing the Perseverancia Silver Mine along with other formerly producing properties, in Zacatecas, Mexico. In April of 2004 First Majestic closed a private placement equity offering that raised a total of $11.6 million to provide funding for the mining operations and the ongoing development and exploration of their properties.

    The company spent several months repairing and modernizing mill equipment at La Parrilla and is now at the stage where regular shipments of silver concentrate production from their mining operations are generating revenues. Production is expected to increase rapidly as the tonnage capacity at La Parrilla is improved, resulting in growing revenue and cash flow that is critical for the growth of a junior producer.

    The Management team at First Majestic consists of individuals with extensive experience in the discovery of mineral deposits, including the Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Ramon Davila, who is considered to be one of the most knowledgeable engineers in all of Mexico for the evaluation and development of precious metals resources.

    Office Address: 1480 – 885 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC, V6E 3V7

    Telephone: 1-866-529-2807

    Exchange Listing Symbol (TSX-V): FR

    Website Address:

    Share Structure: Issued and outstanding: 21,321,725

    Options: 1,230,000

    Warrants: 5,875,000

    Fully Diluted: 28,426,735

    Market Capitalization: $32 Million CDN

    The flagship property for the company is the La Parrilla Silver Mine. Located only five kilometers from a major highway, and well supplied with electricity and water, the mine infrastructure has been upgraded to ensure efficient, low cost operations for many years. The mine was originally established in 1956, and produced a total of 6,000,000 ounces of silver during its history, with ore grades averaging 10 ounces per ton. First Majestic expects to produce 1,000,000 ounces of silver in their first full year of operation, with production costs of approximately $3 per ounce. During the period of due diligence completed by First Majestic when the property was acquired, an independent engineering firm audited the upper level of the mine and confirmed an existing resource of 1 million ounces of silver proven and 1 million inferred ounces. With the expectation that the grades increase at depth, considerable potential resources remain in the other 8 levels of the mine, and over the 280-hectare property. The company expects to produce approximately 2 million ounces of silver per year over a ten-year mine life, once full capacity is achieved. Only 10% of the property has seen exploration activity so the company plans to continue active exploration efforts during the life of the mine and any success they achieve will further extend the operating life of the mine. The company is working to increase the silver recovery at the mill through increased efficiency of the leaching process. Mill capacity runs about 200 tons per day, and the current business plan is to expand this capacity to 500 tons per day by first quarter of 2005. The mill can be further upgraded to handle 1000 tons per day, which will be completed once additional reserves have been proven on the various mine properties.

    The Perseverancia Property acquisition was actually the consolidation of several adjacent continuous properties, hosting the past producing Perseverancia, La Esmeralda, and Magistral mines. These properties were operated on a small-scale basis that exploited the exceptional grade ore deposits. This package lies about 60 km from the milling infrastructure at La Parrilla, and hence the ore can be shipped by truck, providing an economical alternative to the construction of a new plant, or third party mill. As much of the success of a mining operation is dependant on the ability to keep mill facilities running near capacity, the newly acquired properties will enhance the economic potential of First Majestic’s silver production. None of the properties have been subject to thorough, modern exploration techniques, and thus there remains considerable potential that additional resources will be discovered. The Perseverancia Mine in particular has several appealing mineralized zones in the lands surrounding the existing mine, and the La Esmeralda and Magistral Mines have both demonstrated the structural trends that would indicate further higher-grade mineralization extends at depth in their deposits. As part of the terms of the acquisition agreement, First Majestic must incur exploration expenditures on these properties before the end of 2004.

    The Niko Silver Property is a JV deal that allows First Majestic to earn in to a 70% interest by funding $900,000 in exploration activity over a 3-year period, with a further 10% interest awarded if carried to a bankable feasibility study. The property lies between two prolific mineral deposits within a 20 km radius, that have yielded very high-grade silver-lead-zinc mineralization in a similar geologic setting, with production values exceeding several billion dollars. Extensive geophysical surveying has been completed on the property to develop targets for a drilling program that commenced in June 2004. While this property must be designated as an early-stage exploration effort, there are several zones that host the potential for extensive silver-lead deposits, as well as possible Carlin style limestone deposits containing finely disseminated gold, and even platinum. Of these, the Estrella Pipe is considered the most promising, and a large vein system is believed to exist in the surrounding area. The current exploration program has targeted these zones, and assay results are pending. With the extensive known deposits in nearby properties, and the promising data reported through sampling and surveying work to date, the Niko Property certainly offers blue-sky potential for a major new discovery.

    A final property, the Platino Porphyry Project, is controlled by First Majestic in Chubut Province, Argentina. Early indications support the potential that a large porphyry system within the property may contain copper and base metals deposits. This property is certainly outside of the current focus for operations in Mexico, and is further disadvantaged in that Chubut Province has instituted a ban on open-pit mining activity. While surface and remote surveying activity is underway, at this time the property must be considered a back-burner effort unlikely to generate meaningful results in the near term.

    The ultimate success for First Majestic in their efforts to establish themselves as a mid-tier silver producer remains to be seen, as it is still too early for reliable evaluation. The upgraded facilities at La Parrilla have allowed for higher capacity and increased efficiency, which should result in lower cost production. Securing the nearby Perseverancia, La Esmeralda, and Magistral Mines, in addition to surrounding properties, should help to ensure that adequate feedstock is available for the mill, as well as providing the potential for new high-grade ore body discoveries. Strictly considering the production metrics, if FR can achieve their stated objective of 1,000,000 ounces of silver in the first year of production at a cash cost of $3 per ounce, they will deliver cash flow in excess of $3 million USD, if silver commodity pricing holds above $6 per ounce. This will more than adequately fund the ongoing operational and exploration commitments going forward.

    An investor buying into First Majestic must have the confidence that silver prices are indeed headed for sustainable higher levels. The company is well positioned to reap windfall profits from operations as the value of silver rises. For example if silver prices rise to $10 per ounce, FR could generate cash flow in excess of $7 million USD. Or to put it more bluntly, a 60% rise in the price of silver would generate a 133% improvement in the cash flow. Episodes of rising commodity pricing have also resulted in higher market values for producing companies.

    The company also offers leverage to base metals like lead and zinc, which are also enjoying stronger commodity price trends. Currently First Majestic does not recover base metals in their operations but as they continue to outline deposits with base metal content, the potential remains for the installation of a floatation circuit that would generate production of base metals and result in a credit against production costs for the processing of silver ore.

    On the issue of asset values, First Majestic is also very likely to see significant growth in contained resources of their properties, as further exploration uncovers new deposits. Each of the properties controlled by the company have seen only limited exploration to date, and the Niko Property is adjacent to large mines bearing similar geologic features. As a point of caution, the property is large and there is evidence of several complex mineral systems that potentially occur within the limits controlled by the company. As such it may take several drilling programs before progress is achieved to identify economic deposits. Nonetheless the expectation for First Majestic to grow their resource base is justified.

    Management at First Majestic have indicated they continue to seek additional acquisition targets to further increase their production capabilities. They appear to have the expertise to not only negotiate excellent terms for these transactions, but also to unlock value from the acquisitions by rapidly taking them into production and increasing the efficiency in the operations. This is a good combination for investors, and First Majestic could be a successful vehicle to take advantage of the trend in Mexico for consolidation of smaller companies into newly capitalized companies seeking to increase production and cash flow. Like all junior precious metals companies, First Majestic is only suitable for risk tolerant investors, however the high risks inherent in this type of investment are certainly offset by the potential upside.

  • Management of First Majestic is committed to building a mid tier Silver producing mining company based on an aggressive development and acquisition plan with a focus on Mexico.

    First Majestic owns the La Parrilla Silver Mine located outside the city of Durango. Silver production began in July. During the first three months of production (July through September) several improvements were made to the mill and mine in order to ramp up production to maximum capacity of 180 tonnes per day. After that point, production increases will continue until 500 tonnes per day is achieved. First year production of over 1 million ounces of Silver is anticipated.

    In addition, due-diligence is presently underway on the Perseverancia Silver Mine and 487 contiguous hectares containing three additional previously operated mines called the Magistral Mine, the Esmeralda Mine and the San Juan Mine, all located in the Chalchihuites Mining District in Zacatecas State in Mexico. The mines have history of silver-lead-zinc and copper-gold production. Extensive underground workings still exist which are presently been tested for economic viability. This package of high potential assets is located within 60 km from the La Parrilla Silver Mine.

    Management feels strongly that investors will witness a dramatic bull market in precious metals over the coming years. For this reason, several advanced properties are being investigated for potential acquisition. Management is determined to expand First Majestic's asset base over the coming months.

  • Press Release Source: First Majestic Resource Corp.

    Thursday November 18, 2:21 pm ET
    TSX Venture Exchange - FR Pink Sheets - FMJRF

    VANCOUVER, Nov. 18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - The Company is pleased to announce that it has signed a Letter Agreement with Exploraciones El Rey, S. A. de C.V. and B. J. Kennemur for the purchase of the Dios Padre Silver Mine located in the Eastern Sierra Madre Mountain range about midway between Hermosillo and Chihuahua in east central Sonora Mexico. The purchase includes all properties, assets and equipment and all mining concessions consisting of 285 hectares.

    The previous and or historic reserve and resource estimates for the Dios Padre Mine vary significantly due to the nature of the work completed and the availability and access to underground sections of the mine. The reader is cautioned that the estimation does not conform to National Instrument 43-101 requirements for reporting reserves and resources. The Company is not treating these historic or previous estimates as current resources. These resource estimates should not be relied upon until they have been verified by the Company's final due diligence program and reviewed by the Company's 'Qualified Person'. As stated in the most recent report known by the Company, dated December 2002, published by David A. Bending, M.Sc., P.Geo of Reno, Nevada; using a conservative resource model focusing on resources in the accessible upper levels of the mine, 3,500,000 tonnes grading 465 g/t containing 57,211,000 ounces of silver has been estimated which appears to be amenable to open pit mining. It also appears by reviewing this and other reports on the Dios Padre Silver Mine the ore responds well to conventional milling and flotation. The on-sight mill appears to have yielded historic recoveries of up to 87% silver.

    The Company has agreed to pay a purchase price of US$6,500,000 for the Dios Padre Silver Mine payable over a period of thirty six months. In addition, the Company has agreed to issue 500,000 common shares to the vendors. A final due-diligence program will commence immediately and is expected to be completed within six months. All the legal formalities and formal documentation is anticipated to be completed within the same time frame. An initial payment of US$300,000 has been paid. The payment schedule is as follows; Upon completion of final due-diligence and regulatory approvals, closing will take place and a payment of US$450,000 and issuance of 500,000 common shares will be paid; 6th month anniversary US$500,000; 12th month anniversary US$500,000; 18th month anniversary US$500,000; 24th anniversary US$1,000,000; 30th month anniversary US$1,250,000; and on the 36th a final payment of US$2,000,000. In addition, the Company has agreed to issue to the vendors an additional 500,000 common shares if an independent technical report from a qualified international recognized engineering or geological consulting firm confirms that the proven, probable or indicated reserves contained within the Dios Padre concessions exceeds 50,000,000 ounces of silver.

    The Dios Padre is a high grade epithermal silver-lead deposit with limited production data. Reports supplied to the Company from the vendor state mining commenced in the 17th century and continued very intermittently from 1860 to 1910, 1923, 1946 to 1947, and 1962 to 1966. Some estimates of tonnage and grade mined during these periods has been made, however, collectively it is difficult to summarize total ore and grade mined to date. In addition to the main Dios Padre claim, this agreement covers two additional contiguous claims that show good potential for high grade disseminated and vein deposits of silver.

    The Dios Padre Silver Mine can be reached via a 25 km gravel road north of highway 16 which is 220 km west of Hermosillo. The mine is located outside the small town of Real de La Trinidad.

    Management is very excited by this opportunity to acquire an asset of this potential size and thus will work diligently to close this transaction in a timely manner. The Company's objective is to proceed as rapidly as possible in order to bring the Dios Padre into production.

    The purchase of the Dios Padre Silver Mine is subject to completion of satisfactory due-diligence, receipt of any necessary regulatory approvals and formal purchase documentation.



    Keith Neumeyer

    Kurzzusammenfassung: First Majestic kauft für 6,5 Mio. Dollar und 500 Tsd. eigenen Aktien Silberressourcen in Höhe von ca. 50 Mio. Unzen - ein Schnäppchen !

  • Ein sehr interessantes Interview mit Keith Neumeyer, Präsident von First Majestic Resource Corp.:…rview-with-Keith-Neumeyer

    Besonders interessant sind die bisherigen Erfahrungen und vor allem die Bemerkungen zum Schluß des Interviews:

    • Mit Ramon Davila als Chief Operating Officier haben sie einen sehr erfahrenen Mann.
    • Die Produktion der im Mai 2004 erworbenen La Perilla Silbermine wird mit der derzeit laufenden Modernisierung der Mine ansteigen. Sie glauben die Produktion auf 1 Mio. Unzen jährlich zu erhöhen.
    • Kürzlich haben sie die Dios Padre Mine gekauft. Sie glauben, dass diese Mine innerhalb 18 Monate wieder in die Produktion zurück gebracht werden kann und sprechen hier schon von einer Produktion von 5 Mio. Unzen jährlich (basierend auch auf einer Verarbeitungskapazität von 2000 to pro Tag).
    • Ferner werden weitere Akquisitionsgelegenheiten geprüft.

    Die 5 Mio. Unzen lese ich hier zum ersten Mal ! Sehr interessant.

  • Silbertaler,

    ich habe die Info aus ERSTER Quelle, daß sie bis 2007 auf 12 mio. oz wollen. Die Aktie hält sich nicht umsonst so gut. Lies mal auch den kurzen Text hier in der Minen-Rubrik.



  • Minews Story
    Date: January 26, 2005

    By Our Canadian Correspondent

    The silver bear has awoken from a deep slumber and Canadian-listed First Majestic Resources has wasted little time in setting up shop in Mexico, home to around 17 per cent of the world’s silver production.

    The Keith Neumeyer-led company has essentially by-passed the exploration stage and is cranking up production at its Le Parrilla mine property, which it acquired in May 2004. The junior turned on the operational tap in July after pouring about US$1 million into revamping the existing mill near Durango City. By October the operation was treating 180 tonnes of oxide ore a day and in December 30,000 ounces of silver were poured. The company is currently putting in a floatation circuit that will see production double to 360 tonnes per day before eventually hitting its 500 tonne per day target. Overall, First Majestic aims to see output of 1 million ounces of silver this year, 2 million ounces by 2006 and 10 million ounces per year in the not to distant future.

    Those may seem like lofty goals but it is just the start according to Keith, who is no slouch at company building having been the founding president of now mid-tier copper producer First Quantum Minerals. For those who don’t know the story, First Quantum picked up a copper property in Zambia and over about 2 years spent US$32 million to bring it into production. The revenue in the first year of operations back in 1998 totaled US$18 million and then jumped to over US$30 million in the second year. By 2000, First Quantum had US$135 million in sales and its stock price had increased from around C$2 per share in the early days to its current level of about C$17 per share.

    First Quantum has grown based on its operational know how and First Majestic has developed the same focus. The company’s COO is Ramon Davila, who came over from Plata Panamericana, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pan American Silver, and has worked with Mexico’s largest silver producer, Industries Penoles, as well as Luismin. Beefing up the board on the management side, the company recently added David Shaw to its team. David is a Brit who was a senior Mining Analyst with Yorkton Securities and most recently was a crucial part of the group that built junior explorer, Cardero Resources.

    While most juniors are content to look for the next big find, First Majestic is aggressively looking to become a mid-tier silver producer by following the same model for silver that First Quantum used for copper. Namely, picking up underappreciated assets and turning them into producers.

    Shortly after the Le Parrilla acquisition, First Majestic gained title to four adjacent claim groups called the Chalchihutes. This project hosts exceptionally high grades with samples from the Perseverance mine yielding 15% lead, 6% zinc and 607 g/t silver. Of interest here is that any exploration success can be transformed rapidly into production by transporting the material to the La Parrilla property for processing. Exploration drilling is expected to get underway any day now.

    Next up for the company is the Dios Padre property, which was recently acquired. With a reported 57 million ounces of near surface silver outlined at a grade of 456 g/t silver and the promise for much more, First Majestic aims to confirm the earlier work with an eye on having a 2,000 tonne per day operation up and running by 2006. Capital costs are expected to ring in at US$20 million for the proposed open-pit operation and output could reach 5 million ounces per year as early as 2006.

    Nearby in the eastern Sierra Madre Mountains, midway between Hermosillo and Chihuahua in east central Sonora, First Majestic latest deal involved the acquisition of a floatation mill, the equipment and all mining concessions at Candamina. The total price tag is US$7.6 million payable over a three year period. Previously worked by Manhattan Minerals, the property hosts a historic resource of 6.1 million tonnes grading 0.9 gram gold per tonne. They also reported a potential for resources in this deposit of 20 million ounces of silver. One of the main targets for the company is the La Blanca area which hosts the old La Verde mine, which has a historic underground mined resources grading 466 g/t silver, 0.13 g/t gold, 4.33% lead and 3% zinc and the La Prieta mine that is reported to have similar robust grades.

    Having around C$7 million in its till, First Majestic is well funded but with its 2004 shopping binge and the ramping up of production, a new financing is almost assured in the first half of 2005.

    It is still early days for the fledgling producer and operational risk is always a factor but with an aggressive growth strategy and an experienced management team, First Majestic offers investors leverage to rising silver prices. Will it become the silver equivalent of First Quantum? Only time will tell but it looks like the company is off to a strong start.

    Eine sehr interessante Aktie mit einem enormen Steigerungspotenzial bei der Produktion.

  • Silbertaler,

    du (und andere) wirst dich in wenigen Tagen sehr genau über F.M. informieren können. Soviel als Ansage. ;)
    Hast absolut recht, eine sehr interessante Aktie. Der Chart spricht auch Bände.



  • Hallo OS XM,

    herzlich willkommen bei den Goldseiten.

    Es kommt darauf an, was Du anlegen willst. Wenn Du ein paar Tsd. Aktien kaufen willst, empfiehlt es sich über die Börse Frankfurt oder Berlin-Bremen zu ordern. WKN: 905910 First Majestic. Die Transaktionskosten sind hier auch gering. Heute wurden zusammen bisher ca. 4,5 Tsd. Aktien über die beiden Börsen geordert.

    Bei deutlich größeren Aufträgen empfiehlt es sich direkt nach Toronto zu gehen. Hier liegt das heutige Handelsvolumen beim über 10fachen von Deutschland gegenwärtig.



  • I received an email from IR today in reference to the appearance on Robtv, but this part of the email caught my attention:

    Rapid growth through acquisition and development Acquired four silver projects in 2004

    Target Production: 2005 – 1.5 million oz

    2006 – 6 million oz

    2007 – 12 million oz

    It seems the company has quietly increased their target for 2005 by 50% and raised the production target by over 2 million ounces of silver for 2007.

    While it is bullish to announce increased production expectations anyway, if they are successful in meeting their goal just for this year, it will add credibility to the management capabilities, and provide significant cash flow from operations to help fund the other development commitments.



    Quelle: Stockhouse Bullboard

    First Majestic hat seine strategischen Produktionsziele 2005 um 0,5 Mio. Unzen, 2006 um 1 Mio. Unzen und 2007 um 2 Mio. Unzen angehoben ! ein ehrgeiziges Ziel !

  • Guckt der "Commodity Stock Investor" auch ins Goldseitenforum?

    SILBER erlebt eine Renaissance, Analysten und Produzenten erwarten, dass der Preis in diesem Jahr noch deutlich zulegt! Schon im vergangenen Jahr ist die Feinunze Silber auf Dollarbasis um knapp 14 Prozent gestiegen. Für Bergbaugesellschaften und Derivate war da natürlich ein Vielfaches drin. Auch unser aktueller SILBER-CALL, den wir Ihnen zu Jahresbeginn an die Hand gegeben hatten, liegt bereits mit 125 Prozent vorn! Auf Einzeltitelebene könnte vor allem dieser Play in den nächsten Monaten und Jahren für Furore sorgen:

    FIRST MAJESTIC rechnet im ersten vollen Betriebsjahr mit einer Produktion von einer Million Feinunzen Silber! Die 1998 gegründete Gesellschaft aus Vancouver ist seit Juli 2004 in der mexikanischen La Parilla-Mine aktiv. Die Firma hat sich aggressives Wachstum auf die Fahnen geschrieben und hat daher vor kurzem mit der Dio Padre-Silbermine ein weiteres extrem aussichtsreiches Projekt akquiriert, in dem – konservativ geschätzt – 57 Millionen Unzen Silber schlummern sollen. Die jüngste Akquisition ist ein 5215 Hektar großes Projekt im Candamena Mining District, in dem gleich mehrere hoch mineralisierte Gebiete liegen. Erste Bohrungen stammen schon von 1997 – und haben es in sich: Die geschätzten Ressourcen liegen bei einer Million Unzen Gold und kaum glaublichen 20 Millionen Unzen Silber! Der besondere Charme nebenbei: Beide Edelmetalle können dort im Tagebau abgebaut werden, mit allen Vorteilen für die Kostenseite. Da das Management von einem „dramatischen Bullenmarkt“ bei den Edelmetallen in den kommenden Jahren ausgeht, avisiert man bereits weitere lukrative Projekte. Die interne Planung ist tatsächlich äußerst ambitioniert:

    Bis 2007 soll die Silberproduktion von einer Million Unzen in 2005 auf dann 12 Millionen Unzen verzwölffacht werden! Bedenkt man, dass Firmengründer Keith Neumeyer schon FIRST QUANTUM zu einem der weltgrößten Kupfer-Produzenten aufgebaut hat, ist dieses Ziel alles andere als unrealistisch. Denn Kupferproduzent FIRST QUANTUM steigerte seinen Umsatz zwischen 1998 und 2000 von 18 auf 135 Millionen kanadischen Dollar (CAD). Der Aktienkurs explodierte von damals zwei auf heute 19 CAD. Experten sehen nun eine Analogie zwischen der Erfolgstory von FIRST QUANTUM und FIRST MAJESTIC - mit dem elementaren Unterschied, das FIRST MAJESTIC heute da steht, wo First Quantum 1998 war. Wenn es dem Team um Keith Neumeyer gelingt, die Akquisitionen plangemäß in Produktion zu bringen, steht die Aktie vor einer gewaltigen Bewegung nach oben. Stellen Sie bereits jetzt eine Fuß in die Tür (WKN 905910).

  • Hallo alle, ich sehe drei interessante Aspekte bei First Majestetic Res.

    1. Die Lagerstätten sind abbauwürdig
    2.. Das Management hat die Connection, um die Projekt zu bewerben, so das die Nachfrage nach Aktien entsteht.
    3. Das Management hat oder hatte etwas, was vielee Explorer nicht oder nur wenig haben, nämlich Geld. Denn FM ist einer der wenigen Firmen,
    die bereit sind/waren, cash für Lagerstätten an die mexikanischen Vorbesitzer zu bezahlen.-

    Leider ist die Website von First Majestetic. im Momentt nicht erreichbar.

    Grüsse - Austrian Explorer

  • Hallo,

    hat sich denn jemand mal die Anzahl der gehandelten Stück (z.B. am Freitag) bezogen auf die einzelnen Börsen genauer angeschaut ?


    Toronto: 64,9 Tsd. Stk.
    NASDAQ: 1,8 Tsd. Stk.
    Frankfurt/Berlin-Bremen: 11,4 Tsd. Stk.

    Deutschland hatte am Freitag einen Anteil von 18 % der Börse Toronto !

    Viele Grüße


  • Hallo Silbertaler,

    Qualität setzt sich eben durch. :) Und Mut wird auch belohnt. Ich denke, daß F.M. Ramon Davila sehr viel zu verdanken hat. Er ist die treibende Kraft, die in Mexiko alles kontrolliert und die Verträge schließt.

    David Chapman hat kürztlich F.M. empfohlen mit Kurzziel ca. 3.30 Can $.



  • Hallo Silbertaler,

    die Aktie ist in Deutschland gut eingeschlagen. Interessant ist, daß F.M. nicht einmal groß steigende Silberpreise braucht, um eine höhere Bewertung zuzulassen (siehe Analystenstimmen).
    David Chapman hat den Wert auch kürzlich mit Ziel 3,20 - 3,40 Can $ empfohlen. Ganz kurzfristig vielleicht etwas heißgelaufen, werde trotzdem nicht verkaufen. :D



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