Avino Silver & Gold Mines / ASM (TSXV)

  • Bin auf Avino gestossen. Koennte interessant sein. Meinungen ???

    WKN 862 191 ISIN CA0539061030

    * ASM.V ASGMF.PK (AVINO SILV GOLD) (I own shares.)
    shares@avino.com 604 682-3701 -- David Wolfin
    10.5 mil shares outstanding. / 12.5 mil shares fully diluted (June 2004)
    16.5 mil shares fully diluted (including, and after the purchase of remaining 51% of the Avino mine)
    @ $1.60/share Cdn x .80 US/Cdn = $1.28 US
    $21 mil MC
    from: http://www.avino.com/other/goldstock100197.html --in 1997
    "How Much Silver Does Avino Have?"
    "Operations at Avino's silver mine in Mexico are both open-pit and underground. I examined the reserves and interpolated the tonnage into silver ounces as follows: 28-million ounces proven; 50-million ounces probable and 27 million ounces possible." (Not all are 43101 compliant reserves & resources.--that is an old, third party report.)
    The Avino Mine operated from 1986 to 2001, producing about 497 tons of silver, 3 tons of gold, and 11,000 tons of copper. That's about 1.6 million ounces of silver, or about a million ounces of silver per year.
    Avino produced 166 ounces of silver for every one ounce of gold. At a 60:1 value ration, that means that the value of silver to gold is 2.76 times as much value (today and historical) is in silver than gold.
    They actually have over five silver properties/projects. I only have numbers for one, the primary Avino mine
    = 28 + 50 + 27 = 105
    Avino owned 49% of that, or 51.5 mil oz., prior to the purchase agreement for the remainder for an additional 4 million shares.
    $21 mil MC / 105 mil oz. = $.20/oz.
    You get "approx" 35.2 ounces in the ground for 1 oz. silver's worth of stock.

  • A "Mountain of Silver"
    Location: Durango State, Mexico
    Minerals: Silver, gold, copper, lead
    Ownership: 49%. Letter of intent to acquire 100%
    Status: Production suspended; evaluating new targets

    The Avino mine was once described by Spaniards as a "mountain of silver." Indeed, the mine first opened in the 1500s and reportedly supplied considerable wealth to Spain for hundreds of years. It has operated intermittently ever since.

    27-Year History of Operation
    Avino Silver and Gold Mines and Cia Minera Mexicana de Avino operated the mine from 1974 until 2001 when depressed silver prices forced the suspension of operations. During this time, the mine produced 497 tons of silver, 3 tons of gold and 11,000 tons of copper. Silver grades averaged from 3 to 7 ounces per ton. Early in 2003, Avino commissioned MineStart Management to examine the existing ore base, the feasibility of re-opening the mine and also the feasibility of processing the large tailings reserve.

    Options for the Future
    In a report dated April, 2003, MineStart concluded that enough exploration potential exists at the property to "develop a reserve inventory to support a profitable resumption of operations." They also noted that: "Prior prospecting and preliminary exploration has found encouraging mineralized outcrop and veins to the east and north of the mine, and this justifies detailed exploration."

    We are evaluating MineStart's findings and considering options for exploration and tailings processing. Prior to any further work on the property we would establish full ownership.

  • Avino Silver

    By: David N. Vaughn, Gold Letter, Inc.

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    Silver stocks remain hot & it continues to be our goal to find silver companies with potential that have not yet climbed to the sky.

    Avino Silver presently represents an exceptional silver play that has had significant production in the past & represents excellent further exploration potential.

    Avino Silver (ASM.V)

    Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. was formed in 1968 with the mandate of exploring for precious metals in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

    Since 1969, the Company has owned 49% of Cia Minera Mexicana de Avino, owner and operator of the Avino silver, gold and copper mine located near Durango in central Mexico.

    The mine operated continuously for 28 years before low metals prices forced a temporary closure in 2001.


    So the mine closed because of low precious metals prices & right before gold started its move. But is there still silver in the ground?

    Coneto mine
    In late 1996, Cia Minera Mexicana de Avino acquired the 1500 hectare Coneto silver and gold project. This historic site is located 100 kilometers northwest of the Avino mine in Durango State, Mexico

    The Coneto mine has a history of high grade production dating back over 400 years. Recent surveys suggest over 90% of the area's potential has yet to be identified. Broad estimates of the mineral resource in 17 veins indicate a number of excellent targets to be explored further.

    More than 20 kilometers of vein systems have been uncovered at Coneto, but a preliminary survey suggests that less than 10% of the area's potential has been identified. Grades amongst four principal veins range between 4.95 and 8.8 ounces of silver per ton, with gold grades averaging approximately .06 ounces per ton. http://playstocks.net/May22asm.htm

    The company has a 300 ton per day plant & is ready to begin production.

    I think it is a good idea to remind ourselves to look at management. Avino is run by real miners who have been about the business of gold & silver mining for many years.

    The President of Avino is Lou Wolfin, whose experience in mining goes back to the 1950's. In the past 30 years, he has concluded many successful mining deals and partnerships… He always focuses on practical, attainable, mining goals and is very cautious of anything that would be dilutive to shareholders. This is easily seen in the fact that Avino after all these years has just 4.5 million shares out. http://playstocks.net/May22asm.htm

    And what are Avino Silver’s present goals?

    “Our key goals now is to bring the Coneto silver & gold mine to production. This is a very attractive asset with exceptional exploration potential for mining of silver, gold & fluorite,” Lou Wolfin.

    The Coneto mine has a history of high grade production dating back over 400 years. … Broad estimates of the mineral resource in 17 veins indicate a number of excellent targets that will be explored further. We are currently examining the extent of the resource and the facilities needed to bring the project to production. http://www.avino.com/company/message97.html

    David Wolfin, CEO, Avino Silver, 9-19-2003:

    Let look at the potential of the Avino Mine.

    Studies show a very large potential & further exploration is planned.

    Also, keep in mind we have progressed from an open pit mining operation to underground mining in the early 1990's & our recovery rate improved from 55% recovery to 87%. The tailings pond has between 6-8 million ounces of silver contained within it & studies to process are being made.

    Let's look at Silver Standard, Pan American Silver & Apex Silver Mines.

    Silver Standard has "Zero" production and is trading $10.46 CDN. Pan American has production and is trading at $14.33 CDN and Apex is at $14.90 US. Fidelity is a major shareholder of Silver Standard. Bill Gates' private company has invested in Pan American and George Soros helped start Apex.

    Let's not forget Warren Buffet buying all that silver a few years ago. These are three of the smartest investors of our time!

    It's easier for silver to double from $5 - 10 than gold $375 - 750.

    Also, there are far less pure silver companies than gold. Avino is considered the cheapest of the Pure Silver Companies.

    Silver Standard has 40 million shares issued, multiplied by $10.00 or $418 million market cap.

    Pan American has 51 million shares issued, multiplies by $14.33 or $730 million market cap.

    Apex 36 million shares issued at $14.90 US or a US$537 million market cap. (The shares issued were taken off Canada-Stockwatch and might be less than actually issued).

    Avino has 7 million shares issued and is trading at $0.85 Canadian or a litle over 4 million us!

    I ask you David, which company has the best upside Potential?

    Our plan is to acquire silver properties and build our silver resource.

    When you buy a share in Avino you are buying a “Call on Silver.”

    If Silver goes up we go up.

  • Summary

    Avino has 5.6 million shares outstanding. Friday, 10-24-2003, Avino Silver closed at 1.58 Canadian. Avino has a present market cap around 6.8 million US.

    Avino had a high of around 4.50 Canadian in 1997.

    “Avino has been around for a long time (1968) and is well known as an excellent silver stock among Canadian Precious metal investors.”

    Avino represents a good silver play with excellent prospects.

    Avino Silver (ASM.V)

  • Bei den eher unbekannten Silberminen ist AVINO Silver (Börsenkürzel: ASM.V) mein absoluter Favorit, insbesondere unter dem Aspekt des Leverageeffekts. ASM hat vor Jahren seine Produktion in Mexiko eingestellt, die Minenausstattung ordnungsgemäß "eingemottet" und wartet jetzt auf günstigere Silberpreise. Die Erzlager sind - nachdem die Mine seit geraumer Zeit betrieben wurde - zuverlässig bekannt und es ist lediglich eine Frage der Zeit, an dem nach gestiegenem Silberpreis die Frage gestellt wird, "welche Gesellschaft hat pro Aktie die meisten nachgewiesenen Silberreserven?"
    AVINO, da bin ich mir sicher, wird auf den ersten Plätzen zu finden sein. Ich kenne das Management und vertraue diesen erfahrenen Minenfachleuten.

    © Dietmar Siebholz


  • Soweit ich weiss gibt es Bestrebungen die 51% an der Avino Mine in Durango; Mexico, die von der alteingesessenen Familie del Hoyo gehalten gegen 4 Mio. neuer Aktien zu tauschen. Dies würde zu einer 100%-igen Eignerschaft führen, was in Mexico für Ausländer erst seit rd. 3 Jahren möglich wurde. Wie ich höre wird diese Option derzeit ernsthaft von beiden Seitn erwogen.

    Weiters besitzt Avino einen "Tailings Pond" (Abraum Lager) mit etwa 12 - 15 Moz an Silber. Dieses bereits geförderte Silber kann auf ein "heap leach pad" verlagert und somit fast zur Gänze rückgewonnen werden. Ein
    pre-Feasibility wird in Kürze erwartet. Erste Indizien weisen auf Kosten von rd. 3 Mio. $ gegenüber einem zu produzierenden Silberwert von zwischen 25 - 35 Mio. $.

    Dies nur zur Ergänzung des bereits oben Gesagtem. Die Siebholz Silber
    Analyse ist exzellent und trifft den Kern der Materie.

  • Seis drum; Bin seit 15 oder mehr Jahren mit Lou Wolfin in ziemlich engen Kontakt.
    Habe mich selbst vor Jahren bemüht eine Art von Genehmigung zum Abbau dieser Tailings zu bekommen,; Dies jedoch war seinerzeit ein Tabu. Immerhin hab ich bei jeder Gelegenheit darauf hungewiese , dass hier "Geld" herumliegt und man was machen sollte.

    Hoffe du gibst Dich damit zufrieden!

  • Habe mir die Aktie mal in meine Watchliste gelegt. Sieht interessant aus.

    Augenblicklich wird also nicht produziert, die Frage die sich mir stellt ist: Ab welchem Silberpreis rentiert sich eine Wiederaufnahme der Produktion?
    Desweiteren bestehen offensichtlich Restriktionen in D. Weiß hierüber jemand mehr?

    „Die Menschen sind so einfältig und hängen so sehr vom Eindruck des Augenblickes ab, dass einer, der sie täuschen will, stets jemanden findet, der sich täuschen lässt.“ (Niccolò Machiavelli)

  • Lou Wolfin ist mit 7$ on average happy - Dort sind wir auf oder ab.

    Inzwischen wurde die Mill generalsaniert, sowie für 30% höhere Kapazität upgraded. Kann noch nicht sagen wann die Produktion wieder
    aufgenommen wird, doch ist es für's erste HJ geplant.

    Konsolidierung der Mex. Beteiligung und Tailings Feasibility sind jedoch
    Exploration in anderen Projekten is ongoing...

    Bin ein richtiger Silber Fan geworden - wenn ich auch von der Gold Seite komme. Wie sagte Bunker Hunt - Just to make a little money - 1980. For the Crimex it was a little bit too much - so they've changed the rules!

  • Und die sehr gute Nachricht heute (ich konnte es kaum glauben !).

    Avino Silver wird seit kurzem (heute ???) auch an den Börsen Frankfurt und Berlin-Bremen mit der WKN 862191 gehandelt !

    Dies ist innerhalb kurzer Zeit nach First Majestic die zweite Silberaktie, die außer der USA / Canada auch zusätzlich in Deutschland geordert werden kann.

    Wer immer auch im Hintergrund dafür gesorgt hat: meinen herzlichen Glückwunsch ! Dies trägt wesentlich dazu bei, dass interessante, aussichtsreiche Silberaktien zunehmend in Deutschland geordert werden können.

  • Glaube es war die Initiative von den Herausgebern dieser Goldseiten, die auf positives Interesse bei Avino's Management stiess. Unterstützung gab es auch von anderer Seite. Im Übrigen, wurden Coral und auch Bralorne, die zur selben Gruppe gehören in Deutschland notiert.

    Ich meine, dies ist eine echte Bereicherung und danke für die positive
    Einschätzung. Alle drei Gesellschaften werden uns noch viel Freude machen, da, wie ich (hell-)höre Einiges an positiver Entwicklung kurzfristig zu erwarten ist.

    You've "GATA" be in these stocks ... before they take off! frr

  • frr,
    na da sam ja scho drin bei 1,33.
    Möchst nicht a bisserl was zu CGR sagen. Gestern auf die erste Seite geholt.

    bleibt abzuwarten, wie das Volumen ist. Das kann verdammt zäh sein beim verkaufen. Avino hat drüben auch kaum Umsatz.

    Bei CDY ist heute in D mehr Umsatz als an der AMEX u. kanada zusammen. Geht nichts über gutes Promoting.


    "Confusion is a word we have invented for an order which is not understood." Henry Miller

    Einmal editiert, zuletzt von Tschonko ()

  • news von Hommel:

    Addional comments: The Avino purchase is taking longer than anticipated. The reason is that Avino is waiting for the approval from the exchange. The Avino purchase agreement was agreed upon months ago, subject to exchange approval. In the meantime, Avino has proceeded with a feasibility study that should more than satisfy the questions from the exchange. And the feasibility study is anticipated in a few weeks, perhaps by the end of March, 2005. The feasibility study should also detail how much money the company should need to raise to put the mine back into production.

  • Korrekt, nur ich würde dieses Verfahren als "fair valuation" für die Übernahme von 51% der Avino Mine bezeichnen. Been there and have done that.

    Die "Feasibility", IMHO, bezieht sich auf den Tailings Pond (Abraum), wo 10 - 12 moz Silber auf neue Thechnologien zur finalen Produktion warten. Leaching (leach pads) ist die Antwort und der Gewinn hier kann 10 mal das eingesetzte Kapital bedeuten. Ich sollte das wissen, da ich 1993 versuchte die Avino tailings zu erwerben. Der Wert könnte allein 35 Mio. $ netto übertreffen.

  • Mon Feb 28, 2005
    Drilling Completed on the Olympic Property


    Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. ("the Company") reports that the planned drill program on the Company's Olympic Property ("the Property") has been completed. The Property consists of 20 reverted crown grants, one 15 unit mineral claim and three fractions totaling approximately 662.5 hectares, located on the south side of Carpenter Lake, five kilometers northeast of Goldbridge in the Lillooet Mining Division, British Columbia, Canada, NTS 092J15. The Property is owned 100% by the Company.

    The Property is easily accessible by the all weather, publicly maintained, Gray Rock logging road northeast from Goldbridge. Access on the Property is possible on a number of cat trails built by the Company and previous operators.

    The Property covers rocks of the Pioneer Formation and Bridge River Terrane. These rocks are cut by northwest trending regional scale precious metals bearing structures sub-parallel to the Ferguson and Cadwallader Structures. The structures on the Property are roughly the same distance from the Upper Cretaceous-Tertiary granitic Bendor Intrusions as the Bralorne/Pioneer mines. These mines are the largest past producers in the Canadian Cordillera (4.3 million ounces) and are presently being put back into production by Avino's sister company, Bralorne Gold Mines Ltd. The structures on the Olympic Property are mineralized with gold and silver and have received considerable past work, including at least four adits.

    A drilling program was carried out on the Property in January, 2005 to test the Margarita Zone. Historic drilling on the Margarita Zone returned 24 g/t gold over 0.85 metres (0.773 opt over 2.8') within a much wider intersection of 8.2 g/t gold over 3.48 metres ( 0.264 opt over 11.48') in hole OLY 88-4. The true width of this zone is estimated to be 1.47 metres (4.9'). A large part of the zone is listwanite, indicating the potential for better grade mineralization immediately below this intersection. Hole OLY 88-6 cut the same zone 75 metres to the northwest and returned 4.26 g/t gold over 1.34 metres ( 0.137 opt over 4.4') within an eight metre section (5.6 m [18.4'] true width) of mainly listwanite. The area of these intersections is approximately 50 metres off of the Gray Rock road and could be easily accessed for mining purposes by an underground ramp from the road.

    Drilling in January of 2005 was unsuccessful in intersecting the Margarita Zone. One hole was drilled from the east to attempt to intersect the zone. This hole was abandoned at 21.3 metres because of bad ground conditions. No values of economic interest were returned from samples taken from the hole. Further trenching and drilling to evaluate targets further to the south outlined by Sampson and Game in 1988 are planned for the spring and summer of 2005.

    The Company is also planning a drill program on its Aumax property, located 26 kilometres by road southwest of Lillooet. This program is planned to commence May 20th, 2005.

    This News Release has been reviewed and technical content approved by David St. Clair Dunn, P.Geo., a Qualified Person for the purposes of N.I. 43-101. Mr. Dunn supervised the diamond drilling program reported on.


    "David Wolfin"
    David Wolfin, President

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    Könnte mit dem Artikel von Siebholz von heute in Goldseiten,sh.dort , zusammenhängen.
    Bin auf den iÜ. im Thread IMR vorhin eingegangen.

    Siebholz schildert Avino fast schwärmerisch.


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