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    UK - Death and Disability Trends for Cardiovascular Diseases, Ages 15-44

    UK Cause of Death Project

    Update Date: September - 2023

    Humanity Project - UK Cause of Death Project - Cardiovascular deaths 15-44


    • When comparing outcomes for men and women, we observe that they had similar rises in deaths from cardiovascular diseases in 2020 and 2021.
    • However, in 2022, men suffered much worse outcomes than women, with men experiencing a 56% deviation from trend, compared to about 28% for women.
    • Further investigation is needed. We speculate that one of the factors contributing to this difference may be men doing more physical exercise than women, which increases the probability of fatal outcomes, once the heart muscle has suffered prior (mild) injury.

    Infographic: US Government and US Banks in the Gold Market - BullionStar
    This stunning BullionStar Infographic puts a spotlight on the US Government and Wall Street in their nefarious activities in the gold market.

    As the world’s preeminent money, now and throughout history, gold is seen by governments and monetary authorities as strategically critical and often a matter of national security.

    Not least in the United States, where although the US government and US banks downplay gold, it is precisely because they are terrified of gold’s rise, that these entities are heavily involved in the gold market in a nefarious manner.

    This visually stunning new infographic from BullionStar puts the spotlight on the deep involvement of the US Government and Wall Street banks in the gold market, and their nefarious manipulation of precious metals prices, illustrating:

    • The supposed size and location of the US Treasury Gold Reserves but the fact that the US Gold has not been properly audited in over 70 years. What is the US Treasury hiding?

    • Five massive Wall Street banks dominant the gold market, trading gigantic trading volumes of COMEX gold futures in a giant paper trading game.

    • The international gold price is set by paper gold trading in New York and London, and not by physical gold demand and supply, a flawed pricing that causes physical shortages and high premiums.

    • Although Wall Street banks have been prosecuted for manipulating precious metals and their traders jailed, the same banks still continue to operate with impunity in the gold market.

    • There is continual gold price suppression during New York (NY) trading hours, with returns during NY hours a fraction of returns outside NY hours. This is statistically impossible.

    • A US Government group, the Plunge Protection Team (PPT), oversees interventions into markets. This PPT was infamously active in the US silver market during February 2021 where it oversaw a ‘tamp down’ of the silver price to prevent a financial system crisis.

    • The US Government, Wall Street and the US mainstream media constantly work to prevent gold gaining in popularity. This is done to protect the US financial system and the reserve status of the US dollar.

    • That this price manipulation can’t go on forever. When it fails, the gold price will again be determined by the forces of supply and demand for physical gold.


    wollte die infografik noch einbinden, bitte manuell laden(…fographic/us-banksgov.jpg) da die forensoftware nun so konfiguriert wurde das ich externe bilder nur noch uploaden kann. wenn ich sie dann druch den upload sind - wird automatisch die größe reduziert, in diesem fall auf 68,1 kb - damit sind bilder völlig unbrauchbar. mit dieser konfig wird das forum ja wieder unbenutzbarer...

    Es ist übrigens ein Segen, seit ich hier Windows im Serverbereich komplett entsorgt habe.

    ja - wie ich dir ja damals schrieb, das beste was du machen konntest. gratulation :thumbup:

    ich schau mir gerade unraid an - nur das es von einem usb stick ausgefürt wird schmeckt mir noch nicht zu 100%. teste es gerade mit einem swissbit u-500k SLC industriespeicher und bin über die performance eigentlich begeistert.

    wird wahrscheinlich in der nächsten zeit meinen neuen server im home office stellen(docker, remote desktop/vm, vpn(standort vernetzung), pi-hole ... )

    USB-Produkte - Swissbit

    Unleash Your Hardware
    Unraid is a powerful, easy-to-use operating system for self-hosted servers and network-attached storage. Make the most out of your hardware—no matter what kind…

    Er gratuliert einem Politiker, der den Peso abschaffen und den Dollar als gesetzliches Zahlungsmittel einführen will... Das reicht mir eigentlich schon :hae:

    dollarisierung ist sogar noch schlimmer als eine eigene zentralbank mit eigener währung - da man die eigene zentralbank durch die fed ersetzt.... und damit mehr abhängigkeiten als vorher hat..

    wenn dann - gold/energie/rohstoffe...

    overfeeding wird möglich...

    dazu converdyn im august, hab nur noch keine meldung gelesen wonach sie bereits auf vollauslastung....

    zu wichtig es nicht einzustellen.

    The Metropolis uranium conversion facility in the US state of Illinois is now expected to reach its targeted annual production rate of 7,000 tons of uranium as UF6 by next month, despite delays to the plant’s restart and a series of UF6 leaks. Metropolis’ conversion marketer ConverDyn, a joint venture of Honeywell and General Atomics, is currently sold out through 2028, but with more robust demand potentially triggered by a proposed US ban on Russian low-enriched uranium (LEU) imports, Metropolis could expand production further.

    Backstopped by long-term supply contracts, the sole US-based UF6 plant is slated to produce 5,000 tU as UF6 in 2023, and going into 2024 it appears likely to almost immediately push output beyond the existing annual target of 7,000 tU as UF6. But while plant owner Honeywell is expected to exercise flexibility to expand production at Metropolis to 8,000 tU as UF6 per year in part by shortening its planned outages, an expansion to licensed annual operating capacity of 15,000 tU as UF6 would take a heavy lift. Any expansion beyond 8,000 tU as UF6 per year would require a decision from Honeywell’s board of directors, which is keen to avoid another oversupply scenario that led to the plant’s prior shutdown.

    “We are concentrating on bringing the plant back online,” ConverDyn President and CEO Malcolm Critchley told a nuclear fuel conference last month. “So we haven't really determined exactly what's going to be involved and what's going to be necessary in order to expand the plant or indeed what level we might expand the plant to, and we certainly haven't gone out to our supply chain to get a fully cost estimate.” But as Critchley pointed out, inflationary and supply chain pressures have eased since the plant was in restart mode. "We think an expansion will be affordable, depending upon what level we decide to go to,” he added.

    Of the three European or North American UF6 producers, Metropolis is uniquely suited to capacity expansion. Orano’s Philippe Coste conversion complex (also known as Comurhex II) in Southern France is completing a decades-long project to replace and expand Comurhex, and Cameco’s Port Hope UF6 plant near Toronto, Canada, has relatively hard geographical limits to any expansion. Supply of Western nuclear fuel has become increasingly tight since Russia's invasion of Ukraine and has led to capacity expansion decisions by enrichers Orano and Urenco. This in turn has led to Western UF6 supply drying up — ConverDyn has no unsold material to offer until January 2029.

    “There is no meaningful supply being added,” one conversion market source told Energy Intelligence. So fortunately for ConverDyn, “there is nothing in the way of prices going up, really.”

    Metropolis Resurrected

    The Metropolis plant was expected to restart operations by Apr. 1 at an annual capacity of 7,000 tU as UF6, but that was delayed by some three months. This was in part due to the hiring and training of new workers, since few of the plant’s prior workforce returned after the plant was idled in 2018 due to market oversupply, following an extended outage in October 2017.

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the restart was also plagued with “significant inflationary and supply chain issues,” Critchley said at last month’s conference. When Metropolis did restart UF6 production in early July, it was amid a series of UF6 spills associated with aging infrastructure. Even once restarted, the plant continued to experience leaks and other technical problems requiring the incremental modernization of equipment and components. With the resolution of those problems, the plant has since begun to operate more smoothly. In fact, Energy Intelligence understands the daily rate of production has sufficiently increased to meet the plant's 2023 product target, in spite of the delays.

    The decision to restart the plant was not an easy one, and any future expansion will face similar scrutiny. "I am extremely sensitive about causing us to go back to where we were before we did the shutdown," said Critchley. "When we're considering expansion options, I will always err on the side of caution unless we have firm contracts that back the expansion, so we know exactly what we're facing going forward."

    Nuclear Fuel: Metropolis Sold Out through 2028, Weighing Expansion
    The Metropolis conversion facility in the US has restarted and is ramping up production, but whether it will increase output is a waiting game.

    das sind mindestens 35.000tu(ca 77.000.000 lbs) die für uf6 benötigt werden.

    je nach tails assay(overfeeding) wird mehr uf6 - und damit uran benötigt.

    Estimated world primary conversion capacity 2020

    Orano* France Pierrelatte & Malvési 15,000 17% 2600
    CNNC China Lanzhou & Hengyang 15,000 53% 8000
    Cameco Canada Port Hope 12,500 72% 9000
    Rosatom Russia Seversk


    96% 12,000
    ConverDyn USA Metropolis 7000 0% 0
    Total 62,000 51% 31,600

    World Nuclear Association Nuclear Fuel Report (2021 edition)

    World enrichment capacity – operational and planned

    Country Company and plant 2020 capacity
    (thousand SWU/yr)
    France Areva, Georges Besse I & II 7500
    Germany-Netherlands-UK Urenco: Gronau, Germany; Almelo, Netherlands; Capenhurst, UK. 13,700
    USA Urenco, New Mexico 4900
    Russia Tenex: Angarsk, Novouralsk, Zelenogorsk, Seversk 27,700
    China CNNC, Hanzhun & Lanzhou 6300
    Other Various: Argentina, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Iran 66
    Total SWU/yr approx 60,166
    Requirements (WNA reference scenario) 50,205

    Source: WNA Nuclear Fuel Report 2021 and company websites

    World enrichment capacity – operational in 2020 and planned

    Operator Capacity (thousand SWU/yr)
    2020 2025 2030
    CNNC 6300 11,000 17,000
    Orano 7500 7500 7500
    Rosatom 27,700 26,200 24,800
    Urenco 18,600 17,300 16,300
    Other 66 375 525
    Total 60,166 62,375 66,125

    Source: World Nuclear Association Nuclear Fuel Report 2021 and company websites

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    der bn-800 schneller brüter ist ursprünglich für die verbrennung von plutionium aus den us-ru abrüstungsverträgen konzipiert worden.

    wie schon geschrieben wird er mit mox beladen.

    allerdings eher kalter kaffee, die beladung mit mox fuel fand bereits 2020 und erweitert 01/2021 statt.

    MOX use at Russia’s BN-800 reactor confirms reliability of the technology - Nuclear Engineering International

    The BN-800 sodium-cooled fast reactor at unit 4 of Russia’s Beloyarsk NPP has registered a year of reliable and safe operation using an almost full load of uranium-plutonium mixed oxide (MOX) fuel. Russia says this proves the readiness of the closed nuclear fuel cycle technology for implementation on an industrial scale. Beloyarsk 4 is the world's first nuclear power unit to use MOX for an entire year at almost full load. The MOX fuel assemblies (FAs) were produced at the Mining & Chemical Combine (MCC) in Zheleznogorsk, (Krasnoyarsk Territory). Unlike the enriched uranium FAs traditionally used in NPPs, the raw materials for the MOX fuel pellets includes plutonium oxide obtained during the processing of used fuel from conventional VVER reactors alongside depleted uranium oxide, obtained by defluorination of depleted uranium hexafluoride (tails from enrichment production).

    The first serial MOX-FAs were loaded into the BN-800 core in January 2020. The first complete refuelling of the BN-800 with MOX fuel took place in January 2021, and then, over the next two refuellings, all fuel assemblies were gradually replaced with innovative MOX assemblies.

    Der natriumgekühlte Schnellreaktor BN-800 im Block 4 des russischen Kernkraftwerks Belojarsk hat ein Jahr lang zuverlässig und sicher mit einer fast vollständigen Ladung Uran-Plutonium-Mischoxid-Brennstoff (MOX) gearbeitet. Nach Ansicht Russlands ist dies der Beweis dafür, dass die Technologie des geschlossenen nuklearen Brennstoffkreislaufs für den Einsatz im industriellen Maßstab bereit ist. Beloyarsk 4 ist der weltweit erste Kernkraftwerksblock, der ein ganzes Jahr lang mit fast voller MOX-Beladung betrieben wird. Die MOX-Brennelemente wurden im Bergbau- und Chemiekombinat (MCC) in Zheleznogorsk (Gebiet Krasnojarsk) hergestellt. Im Gegensatz zu den traditionell in KKWs verwendeten angereicherten Uran-BEs enthalten die Rohstoffe für die MOX-Brennstoffpellets Plutoniumoxid, das bei der Aufbereitung von gebrauchtem Brennstoff aus konventionellen WWER-Reaktoren gewonnen wird, sowie abgereichertes Uranoxid, das durch Defluorierung von abgereichertem Uranhexafluorid (Rückstände aus der Anreicherungsproduktion) gewonnen wird.

    Die ersten serienmäßigen MOX-FAs wurden im Januar 2020 in den Kern des BN-800 geladen. Die erste vollständige Betankung der BN-800 mit MOX-Brennstoff fand im Januar 2021 statt, und im Laufe der nächsten zwei Betankungen wurden alle Brennelemente nach und nach durch innovative MOX-Brennelemente ersetzt.

    Übersetzt mit (kostenlose Version)

    siehe dazu auch meine posts in den uranfäden(reaktortypen..).

    bg bh

    Leider muss man sich bei epoch times für einen Newsletter anmelden, das ich nicht mag. Ich halte es für eine Bevormundung, da die Aufforderung nicht weg-knickbar ist, und verzichte leider darauf.


    noscript installieren und lediglich die domains erlauben:


    über diese läuft das popup.

    video spielt dann einwandfrei ab.

    erst der selbsmord und hedgefond abverkauf, nun zum ungünstigsten zeitpunkt eine ke.

    bin froh frühzeitig einen teil in mcf umgeschichtet zu haben und den restbestand per tsl verkauft zu haben. wiedereinstieg evtl. - aber ersteinmal die bedingungen der ke abwarten.

    Trillion Energy Announces $10 Million Marketed Public Offering
    Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - November 9, 2023) - Trillion Energy International Inc. (CSE: TCF) (OTCQB: TRLEF) (FSE: Z62) ("Trillion", or...

    Es geht Erdogan wohl eher darum den Fuß in die Türe des riesigen Gasvorkommens westlich der Küste zu bekommen.

    da ist nichts riesig...